Kayanja Benon
25 March 2020

I work for an organization in Uganda that has interventions in Kasese district with communities that have Village Savings groups. Uganda as of 24th March 2020 had 9 cases confirmed of Coronavirus and government's response has since involved among others stopping any form of group meetings of people more that 10 as a way to reduce the infections. You will know well how the VSLA model works in the communities where we are encouraging access to finance among some of the remote places of Rwenzori hilly region. With savings groups of a membership of between 20-30 will greatly affect weekly member meetings and hence will affect group cohesion and finance mobilization among them, the way forward seems to be in the area of introducing a platform for digital finance systems, any suggestions on how to introduce digital finance in the remote mountainous places of Kasese region will be highly appreciated.