Camilla Nestor
03 April 2020

Thanks to FinDev Gateway for starting this conversation. Very helpful to hear what others are seeing/doing. Like many of you, we are deeply concerned about the impact on low income households and MSMEs, who rely on a range of channels to access financial services – banks, mobile money providers, microfinance institutions, fintechs, savings groups, to name a few.
To understand the impact on these households, we want to understand what is happening across the full spectrum of provider types. MIX would like to contribute to developing a complete picture of how providers that serve low income households are being affected. Complementing the efforts underway to understand impact on MFIs, MIX’s current focus is on understanding impact on new tech-led channels such as fintechs and DFS providers. We have started surveying fintechs and DFS providers globally to understand how they are faring, what adaptations they are making in their business, and what they most need right now. In parallel, we are securing input from investors in these companies to understand their response. We look forward to sharing the resulting learnings and insights in the coming weeks.
We welcome the opportunity to bring this data together with data on other provider types and contribute to a broader understanding of how financial service providers who serve the poor are being impacted.