Jose Ruisanchez , former colleague, USA
23 October 2020

Above says: "Historically, funding has come from three main sources: commercial impact investors and MIVs, development finance institutions (DFIs), and donors. The balance has shifted among them over time, away from heavy reliance on donors and towards more commercial sources of finance."
I would argue that the dominant source of funding for the larger and sustainable MFIs has been their own profits in the form of retained earnings. If those MFIs postpone a bit of their dividends, then the funding for digital transformation is in hand. Not so the technology, given the many and often confusing sources, but CGAP can help the MFIs in sorting out their options. The last and perhaps toughest challenge is to overcome the reluctance of boards and managers to dive deeper into the Bottom of the Pyramid to serve the poorest. This is a task for committed MFI owners.