18 March 2021

As microfinance practitioner in Cameroon, we feared the impact of the crisis to be more devastating to our credit unions and members as the rate of infection and mortality started raising in March 2020.
Though portfolio at risk was on the rise due to the fact that most follow up activities on the field were reduced and lending became difficult to carry out, surprisingly, we noticed an improvement on the liquidity side as treasury increased by 7% at the end of September 2020.
The regulator (COBAC) also contributed to soften the pressure in the market by waiving some prudential dispositions that also boosted our morale. For it would have been difficult to meet up with the prudential norms in the context of Covid-19.
As a way to survive, we reviewed our business approach and decided to reduce high risk activities (loans) and focus more on remittances and electronic transactions. The net result has witnessed an improvement.