Getaneh Gobezie , Independent Consultant, Ethiopia
22 June 2022

Dear Elizabeth
Thank you for these great insights… I will definitely review the resources on Pension Saving at the web-site (
I strongly believe that facilitating dialogues among women and men are critical to promote shared attitude, collaboration, better impact, etc... In fact, last few months, there have been a number of Webinars (sponsored mainly by UN-FAO) advocating on GENDER TRANSORMATIVE approaches at the grassroots..... Many argue that ''access to finance'' could be (one of) the best interventions to serve as an ''ENTRY POINT'' for such gender transformative initiatives.
The most effective intervention on tackling the established gender norm (that I know) is the Gender Action Learning System (GALS), piloted in western Uganda (Bukonzo area), but being replicated in many African, Asian and Latin American countries, mainly sponsored by IFAD and Oxfam Novib, Hivos, etc. Such programmes have staff well trained on gender to facilitate discussion (by men and women) at regular microfinance (VSLA) group meeting (raising issues like who in the household does (decides) what, why, advantages/disadvantages, and facilitating household joint visioning, planning, etc. The programmes report positive results, as men (as well as women) change their attitude and behavior on gender, etc. More info at:
This tool has been selected as one (on the top) of the 15 tools identified by UN-FAO as ''good practices'' gender transformative approaches, in a book (published 2020): GENDER TRANSFORMATIVE APPROACHES FOR FOOD SECURITY, IMPROVED NUTRITION AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE

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