Wes Wasson , DreamStart Labs, United States
15 September 2022

Excellent article, Jeff. I'm a big fan of the community champion model for Savings Group replication and would love to see more donor funding specifically focused catalyzing programs like this at scale. I'll be looking forward to hearing the findings from your current pilots as you learn more, but my instinct is that you'll find comparable impact to today's NGO programs over time... at a fraction of the cost.

As an FYI, we're also piloting this model of self-replication at DreamStart Labs for digital savings groups using our DreamSave app. All of our groups by design have a "DreamSave Champion" as part of the group (typically a younger woman). We recently started a donor-funded pilot in Rwanda through a partner that will equip a group of these champions to form and train other groups in their community using our DreamSave app. The model is similar to what you describe in that the champions get a small stipend. It's still early, but the initial indications have been positive.