Jeffrey Ashe , Columbia University, Grassroots Finance Action ( , United States
22 September 2022

Hi Wasoon,

We should talk. Considering that over 50 billion every year goes into institutional financial incluson that in large part does not serve the village poor, a sliver of that amount could vastly increase the number with a safe place to save and access to useful amounts of capital in groups that they organize, fund, and manage themselves. Less than three billion dollars would create informal savings groups for the 135 million villagers, the same number who are current borrowers from MFIs. and with profits from lending returning to the members of the groups. The big difference with the community champion model is that instead of NGO staff training the groups, the already skilled leaders of these groups will train the new groups. NGOs will focus on selection, support, and monitoring.

What you are doing at Dream Labs could be an important part of this effort since recordkeeping and monitoring is a major challenge. We should talk - [email protected],com.