Guerol Michael Sari
28 June 2019

Dear Team in Jordan, great work out in a extrem challenging environment. I am impressed where you are already. I am sure you worked out a perfect way to train the clients on your great tool. Reading your words you found already the correct answer to your further necessary development to reach 200k to 400k clients.
To identify key cooperation partners and workout the win win win situation for the client, the community and the partners are the base how you can change the game. To service for example microfinance loans via the wallet and hold compulsory client deposit at the wallet , white a digital workflow and human ATM (simple incentive will win) will be for sure one way to generate the trust in the system and show the value to the client, which was the boost for us. Give a platform to interact and get key source of information for business or life is the other side of the coin you can play. Establish a education model for children and a learning tool for adults to start or creating business was one of our drivers as well. Sending cheap money around the community and from abroad was one of the sustainable drivers of you clients. There are many great possibilities, focus on maximum simplification of the tool to use will be key too. If you have to explain to much, would be a great source of optimisation of your process too.
However my respect to you and your work. Well done!!! It is great to see this development happen for the refugees.