Odile Mukayiranga
03 February 2019

Kindly don't see the unpaid work as the only obstacle. Actually it's not the most compelling because if the business was profitable you can pay for a big number of such work but you follow up with business, but instead the social constructs are fixing the levels an acceptable woman in the society shouldn't go beyond. I neighbor Congo and usually I visit. A woman must be there for hubby meal, must organize some of the daily details of the house which tells you travelling far or spending long time outside her home is not allowed. Or can't be taken as normal as a a man. While actually the best margin are made by those who are ready to go to the source. The bigger is the number of middle men the smaller your margin is. And by the way it's not that women don't see that only that they fear to loose their acceptance in the community or named odious names if they are to focus on business. So let the truth be told if it was work alone we could find a substitute but the must be there is the one that kills it all. They could learn to leave kids in daily care, having helpers where possible and pay if that was agreeable in the house but men are not likely to be part of that agenda soon. So let learn on how to challenge the cultural norms that are not serving us. When a woman profit it's the whole family that benefits.