i2i Data Portal

This portal allows you to compare a range of indicators relevant for financial inclusion across countries and periods drawing from a number of data sources including National Surveys, Financial Diaries, Geospatial Data, and MSME probability survey data. You may start by gaining a broad overview of the financial market, and then deepen your understanding of how low-income households manage their financial lives. You can also learn more about a particular area and explore the MSME sector of a country.

Mobile Money Agents in Bangladesh ( 31,755): Geospatial Data

Geospatial data for mobile money agents in Bangladesh

  • National Surveys, which are nationally representative surveys of adults in a particular country, demonstrate how people source their income and manage their financial lives.
  • Financial Diaries offer insight into the combination of financial instruments that households use over time.
  • Geospatial Data indicates that the data has a geographic component to it. This means that the records in a dataset have locational information tied to them, such as geographic data in the form of coordinates, address, city or ZIP code.
  • MSME Sector Data provides insights into the current MSME landscape.