Case Study

TymeBank Case Study: The Customer Impact of Inclusive Digital Banking

This paper builds on the TymeBank case study by examining the impact the bank’s services have had on low-income customers. By combining a quantitative analysis of TymeBank customer data with a phone-based survey of a randomly selected sample of low-income customers, the paper addresses the following questions:

  • Does TymeBank serve low-income customers?
  • Are its products relevant to low-income customers?
  • What impact do the bank’s products have on low-income customers’ lives, in their own words?

The aim of this research is to shed light on the potential of digital banks to deepen financial inclusion in a way that improves the lives of low-income customers. CGAP is conducting additional research with other providers to better understand the impact of new financial services business models on customers.

About this Publication

By Ivo Jenik