Webinar Series

Risk Management for Financial Inclusion

FinDev Gateway, in partnership with the Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM), hosted a series of webinars on risk management for financial inclusion. As part of the series, the four webinars introduced tools and methodologies for microfinance institutions, advisory firms, and other financial service providers interested in strengthening risk management practices.

Find the recording of each webinar below, where our invited speakers discuss effective strategies and share practical tools that can be used to enhance risk management within the financial inclusion industry.

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Webinar Recordings

FinDev Webinar

What's Next? Building the Risk Management Profession in Financial Inclusion

During this webinar, speakers introduce a framework for developing financial inclusion risk professionals around the world.

FinDev Webinar

Integrating Risk Management into Business Strategy: Tools for MFIs

This webinar recording features a practical methodology and a toolkit for microfinance institutions interested in developing a best practice risk management system.

FinDev Webinar

Risk Management Assessment: An Approach for Consultants

This webinar features an overview of RIM's Risk Management Assessment Toolkit, a step-by-step guide for risk management experts.

FinDev Webinar

Risk Management, the Engine for Responsible Financial Inclusion

This webinar discusses how Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) addresses existing challenges in risk management in financial inclusion.