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A Letter from Diana Dezso

Meet FinEquity's new Facilitator, Diana Dezso
Diana Dezso

From FinEquity's new Facilitator, Diana Dezso

Dear FinEquity Community,
I am delighted to follow in Deena’s steps and take on the role of FinEquity Facilitator (big shoes to fill, that’s for sure!) I've had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with many of you already in my previous role as the Data and Measurement Working Group Lead. From my very first day at FinEquity, I have been inspired by the energy, commitment, and collegial spirit of our community. I am confident that together with the rest of the team we will continue to grow, deepen our connections, and advance our collaborations. I very much look forward to all of it!
A little about me: I’m originally from Romania and currently live in Washington DC with my family. I hold a master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University and have been working in inclusive finance for over 20 years now – with financial service providers in Romania and New York City and later with global membership organizations in Washington DC.

I first became interested in issues related to women’s financial inclusion while working with small business owners in New York City, helping them build their credit history and access resources to grow their businesses. I witnessed how essential it is to deeply understand our women customers - their full lives, worries and hopes - in order to develop approaches capable of creating sustainable, effective change. This has continued to hold true all throughout my professional (and personal) life.
At FinEquity we are currently in the midst of developing our learning agenda for the year based on what we’re hearing from the community. We look forward to translating these insights into meaningful collaboration opportunities – all of which we will share with you over the coming months. Please feel free to get in touch with me directly at I look forward to seeing all of you at our (virtual) Annual Meeting on November 10 and 11!

best regards,


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