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Introducing FinEquity's Technical Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

FinEquity recently welcomed its inaugural Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for its first meeting on February 26, 2021. The committee is chaired by Antonique Koning, Gender Lead and Senior Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP.

TAC advisors are strong advocates for women’s financial inclusion, thought leaders, and technical experts that strengthen the voice and legitimacy of FinEquity as a community of practice. In their role as advisors, they will provide technical input and guidance to FinEquity’s Learning Themes and also shape FinEquity’s evolving regional priorities. TAC advisors will also play a critical role in endorsing knowledge products developed by FinEquity and promoting resulting good practices through their respective networks. 

Advisors include: 

Shameran Abed, Senior Director of BRAC's Microfinance and Ultra-Poor Graduation programs.

Nandini Harihareswara, Senior Advisor & Lead Focal Point on Gender Equality for UNCDF’s IDE division.

Mary Ellen Iskenderian,  President and CEO of Women’s World Banking.

Dr. Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula, Convener of the Expert Leaders Group on Women’s Financial Inclusion in the Digital Economy in Africa under the Graca Machel Trust and previously Deputy Governor for Administration at the Bank of Zambia.

Antonique Koning, Gender Lead and Senior Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP

Christian Pennotti, Senior Director, Market Based Approaches at CARE and the Founder and CEO of Chomoka. 

Carolina Trivelli, Economist and Senior Strategic Analysis Advisor at FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Jamie Zimmerman, Gender Lead, Global Growth and Opportunity at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Joanna Ledgerwood, independent consultant for numerous development organizations.

Technical Advisory Committee

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