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Understanding Micro- and Small-Growth Entrepreneurs in Vietnam, Pakistan and Peru

This report provides an overview of "the current state of strivers" across these countries with an aim to understand the emerging unmet needs through market assessments.


Making Women’s Work Visible: Finance for Rural Women

Designing financial products and services for rural women

Descriptive Statistics from the Extreme Poverty Graduation Program Baseline in Cusco, Peru

Lessons learned from the baseline survey of TUP Program in Cusco, Peru

A Business to Call Her Own: Identifying, Analyzing and Overcoming Constraints to Women's Small Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean

Examining challenges facing women's microenterprises in Latin America
Case Study

Business Training for Microfinance Clients: How it Matters and for Whom?

Evaluates the impact of adding entrepreneurial training to a microfinance program.

The Impact of Training on Women's Micro-Enterprise Development

Analyzing the impact of training on women's microenterprise development