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Women & Money: Insights and a Path to Close the Gender Gap

This paper presents research findings on the key challenges women face in accessing digital financial services and the design opportunities for the financial sector, policymakers and regulators, the philanthropic sector, NGOs, and designers everywhere.


Closing the Gender Gap: Opportunities for the Women’s Mobile Financial Services Market in Bangladesh

Findings from quantitative survey of 4000 women on mobile financial services

Mobile Money for Empowerment Muslim Women Entrepreneur: Evidence from Asia (Indonesia and Bangladesh)

Designing effective mobile banking policies for the empowerment of Muslim women entrepreneurs

Gender Role and Individual Modernity: An Exploratory Study in Microfinance and Gender Role Transformation

Discussing the impact of microfinance on individual modernity of women clients

Is Micro Too Small? Microcredit vs. SME Finance

Do small and medium enterprises create more jobs for poor households than microenterprises?

Does the Participation in the Microcredit Programs Contribute to the Development of Women Entrepreneurship at the Household Level? Experience from Bangladesh

Paper from the UNU-WIDER Project "Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development," 2008
Case Study

Providing Microfinance and Social Space to Empower Adolescent Girls: An Evaluation of BRAC's ELA Centres

Examining the usefulness of combining financial and social interventions for adolescent girls

Effect of Microfinance Operations on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women

Evaluating impact of microfinance projects

The Interaction of Customary Law and Microfinance: Women’s Entry into the World Economy

Examining the interaction between microfinance and customary law

Empowerment of Microcredit Participants and its Spillover Effects: Evidence from the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh

Examining impact of microcredit on borrowers' non-economic activities