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Women & Money: Insights and a Path to Close the Gender Gap

This paper presents research findings on the key challenges women face in accessing digital financial services and the design opportunities for the financial sector, policymakers and regulators, the philanthropic sector, NGOs, and designers everywhere.


Closing the Gender Gap: Opportunities for the Women’s Mobile Financial Services Market in Bangladesh

Findings from quantitative survey of 4000 women on mobile financial services
Guide / Toolkit

Guide to Increasing Women’s Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh Through Digital Financial Services

How can organizations improve women’s use of digital financial services?

Effect of Microfinance Operations on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women

Evaluating impact of microfinance projects

Integrating Gender Policy in Microfinance: Community Development Centre (CODEC), Bangladesh

Can gender policy be integrated with microfinance without sacrificing financial sustainability?

Women, Microfinance and Savings: Lessons and Proposals

What informal savings mechanisms do women use?