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Lessons from Farming Households: Agricultural Decision Making and Shifting Social Norms for Women’s Economic Empowerment

What are the operational implications for encouraging greater engagement of women in agriculture and finance?
Case Study

Women Ending Poverty: The WORTH Program in Nepal - Empowerment through Literacy, Banking and Business 1999-2007

Assessing a program that combines business, banking and literacy

Women in Rural Micro Finance Programme in the Western Hills of Nepal: Reflection from Sahakarya Project Area

Paper presented at the Microfinance Summit, February 14-16, 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal

Pact's WORTH Model: A Savings-led Approach to Economic Security and Combating HIV/AIDS

How can participant-owned village banking help women address problems like HIV/AIDS?

Governing Development: Neoliberalism, Microcredit, and Rational Economic Woman

Impact of microcredit initiatives on poverty reduction and gender inequality

Study to Determine the Special Needs of Women in the Micro-enterprise Development Sector

Increasing women's participation in microenterprise development