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Guide / Toolkit

Gender Norms in Financial Inclusion: Diagnostic Guidance

The Diagnostic Guidance is intended for funders and facilitators who support women’s financial inclusion efforts and who want to gain behavioral insights into the uptake and usage of financial services among women.

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Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods (WIRAL): Review and Synthesis of Literature and Leading Experience

This document synthesizes research conducted and key learnings to date regarding women in rural and agricultural livelihoods incorporating the work of the five core partners convened to further the WIRAL research agenda.

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Gender and Cash In / Cash Out (CICO) Networks

This slide deck shows how to apply a gender lens to CICO network development and presents case studies that demonstrate how gender-intentional design works in practice.

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Persona and Social Norm Overlay: Design Template

Unpacking how social norms impact women's ability to interact with financial services

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Personas of Women Entrepreneurs

Reflections of social norms amongst women Syrian entrepreneurs in Turkey


Social Norms and Persona Design: Background Note

Understanding social norms that impact women’s ability to interact with financial services


Gendered Social Norms in Financial Inclusion

Key recommendations to donors and financial service providers