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Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods (WIRAL): Review and Synthesis of Literature and Leading Experience

This document synthesizes research conducted and key learnings to date regarding women in rural and agricultural livelihoods incorporating the work of the five core partners convened to further the WIRAL research agenda.

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Examining PAYGo Solar Through a Gender Lens: An Exploratory Study

This research explores the PAYGo solar model's potential to serve as a pathway to women's energy access and financial inclusion, examining gender differences in access to PAYGo and impacts from use of off-grid solar devices.

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Personas of Women Entrepreneurs

Reflections of social norms amongst women Syrian entrepreneurs in Turkey


S-Commerce Landscape - Bangladesh

Investigating the gender gap in digital financial services in Bangladesh
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Female Smallholders in the Financial Inclusion Agenda

Annex to the official CGAP brief "Female Smallholders in the Financial Inclusion Agenda"