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Partnering With the Private Sector to Extend Digital Financial Services to the Unbanked

How effective has digital been in promoting access to remittances and financial services?

Health Microinsurance: An Inclusive Approach

Developing suitable health financing options for low-income families

Tackling Ultra-Poverty through the Graduation Approach

Situating Sustainable Livelihoods in the Landscape of Social Protection and Safety Nets

Graduation Out of Poverty in Yemen: Impact of the Political Crisis on the Extreme Poor

Analyzing the impact of political instability on the Graduation pilot in Yemen

Women's Empowerment through Islamic Microfinance in Egypt

Eradicating gender discrimination and women's poverty through microfinance

The Interaction of Customary Law and Microfinance: Women’s Entry into the World Economy

Examining the interaction between microfinance and customary law
Case Study

Women and Men in Rural Microfinance: The Case of Jordan

What contributes to economies of scale in microfinance institutions?

Operational Issues: Designing Financial Services for Women

How can the needs and preferences of women clients be met?