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Case Study

GBA Case Study: NatWest

The fifth in the GBA's Case Study series on best practice banks features Women in Business champion NatWest, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland. 


The Impact of Peer Lending on Women Borrowing for Enterprise: Meeting the Entrepreneurship and Microfinance Challenge

How does microcredit encourage the growth of female entrepreneurship?

Fostering Gender Equality: Meeting the Entrepreneurship and Microfinance Challenge

Analyzing the entrepreneurial environment for women in European countries

Women and Microlending in Western Europe

What are the constraints to micro lending for women in Western Europe?

Women Entrepreneurs: Issues and Barriers - A Regional, National and International Perspective

Challenges and the need for networks to promote women entrepreneurs and foster business development

Who Benefits? The Difficulties for Women in Making the Transition from Unemployment to Self-employment

Suggesting policy reforms to support self-employed women

Women as Entrepreneurs in Sweden and the UK - Different Perspectives

Promoting best practices in entrepreneurship: Role of women and gender issues