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Personas of Women Entrepreneurs

Reflections of social norms amongst women Syrian entrepreneurs in Turkey

Case Study

GBA Case Study: NatWest

The fifth in the GBA's Case Study series on best practice banks features Women in Business champion NatWest, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Case Study

Garanti Bank SA: Combining SME Banking Excellence with a Proposition for Women Entrepreneurs in Turkey

Understanding Garanti’s approach to support women entrepreneurs to set-up and grow their businesses
Case Study

Female Access to Credit in France: How Microfinance Institutions Import Disparate Treatment from Banks

Studying the effects of MFIs' loan-size ceilings on gender

The Impact of Peer Lending on Women Borrowing for Enterprise: Meeting the Entrepreneurship and Microfinance Challenge

How does microcredit encourage the growth of female entrepreneurship?

Fostering Gender Equality: Meeting the Entrepreneurship and Microfinance Challenge

Analyzing the entrepreneurial environment for women in European countries

Effect of Microfinance Operations on Poor Rural Households and the Status of Women

Evaluating impact of microfinance projects

Women and Microlending in Western Europe

What are the constraints to micro lending for women in Western Europe?

Gender Inequalities in the Risks of Poverty and Social Exclusion for Disadvantaged Groups in Thirty European Countries

Evaluating the gender dimension to the social inclusion process