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Guide / Toolkit

Digital Financial Literacy for ASEAN Policy Note

The objective of this policy note is to identify and explore current practices in the implementation of digital financial literacy in the national context and provide best practices and recommendations to AFI members.

Guide / Toolkit

Digital Financial Literacy Toolkit

This toolkit aims to provide practical guidance to AFI members and policymakers on formulating and implementing digital financial literacy strategies and interventions.

Guide / Toolkit

Digital Financial Literacy Guideline Note

This guideline note presents key considerations for regulators and policymakers to understand, develop, facilitate policies and design interventions at advancing digital financial education and financial literacy.


Why the Economic Response to COVID-19 Needs to Be Financially Inclusive and Gender Sensitive

Steps policymakers and regulators can take to advance women’s financial inclusion


Lessons on Enhancing Women’s Financial Inclusion Using Digital Financial Services (DFS)

How DFS and/or specific policy interventions can reduce the financial inclusion gender gap
Case Study

Integrating Gender and Women's Financial Inclusion Into the Central Bank of Egypt's (CBE) Framework

Insights on a number of regulatory reforms to boost women’s financial inclusion

Bridging the Gender Gap: Promoting Women’s Financial Inclusion

Guidance on tackling challenges in achieving gender parity in financial inclusion

Integrating Gender and Women’s Financial Inclusion Into National Strategies

Guidance for policymakers and regulators on narrowing the financial inclusion gender gap