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Guide / Toolkit

Digital Finance Campaign Replication Guide

This Replication Guide shares an overview of a proven, evidence-based solution to a specific development challenge, and then provides steps on how to replicate it with a goal to increase the digital financial capabilities and decision-making skills of women.


Bridging the Divide: Skills for Digital Financial Equity and Inclusion

This report explores the challenges and opportunities to achieve equitable and inclusive participation in the digital economy, particularly to create or enhance livelihood opportunities.


Digital Financial Literacy Campaign: Final Report

This publication shares an overview of Digital Financial Literacy Campaign Activity designed to increase the digital financial literacy and decision making skills of women so that they can effectively use digital financial services. 


Digital Inclusion and Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in the Post-pandemic Era: T20 Indonesia Policy Brief

This brief provides recommendations to the G20 to support the digital inclusion and empowerment of women-led and women-owned SMEs.


Gender Lens Investing Landscape: Gaps, Challenges, and Opportunities in Financial Inclusion for Women

This report provides evidence that while microfinance has been a driver of economic opportunities for underserved women globally, a more well-rounded gender lens investing approach is required to generate the level of impact necessary to truly advance financial inclusion for women.


Better Practice Guidance on Women’s Digital Financial Capability

This document outlines four steps to work through when designing approaches to women’s digital financial capability: Diagnose, Design, Deliver, and Document.

Guide / Toolkit

Inclusive Digital Economies and Gender Equality Playbook

Guide / Toolkit

Digital Financial Literacy Toolkit

This toolkit aims to provide practical guidance to AFI members and policymakers on formulating and implementing digital financial literacy strategies and interventions.

Slide Deck

Gender and Cash In / Cash Out (CICO) Networks

This slide deck shows how to apply a gender lens to CICO network development and presents case studies that demonstrate how gender-intentional design works in practice.


Building Women’s Financial Capability: A Path Toward Transformation

This publication examines how best to share information, build financial capability and enable lasting behavior change in a context in which women may have limited say in their own economic choices.