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Beyond Wage Digitization: Financial Capability and Economic Empowerment of Cambodian Women Migrant Workers

Findings from a survey of 2,781 participants providing an analysis of the levels of financial awareness, financial behaviors, and economic empowerment of women factory workers in Cambodia.

Guide / Toolkit

Digital Financial Literacy for ASEAN Policy Note

The objective of this policy note is to identify and explore current practices in the implementation of digital financial literacy in the national context and provide best practices and recommendations to AFI members.


An Assessment of Policy and Regulatory Constraints and Enablers to Women’s Financial Inclusion in Myanmar

In-depth review and analysis of existing policies and regulations accompanied by a literature review


Delivering on the Potential of Digitized G2P

Driving women’s financial inclusion and empowerment through Indonesia’s Program Keluarga Harapan
Case Study

Women’s Demand for Financial Services in Conflict and Post Conflict Areas

Key findings from focus group discussions with 146 participants to understand women’s demand for financial services

VANWODS Microfinance Impact Assessment 2010

Examining impact of microfinance services on disadvantaged women

Savings and Financial Education for Girls in Mongolia: Impact Assessment Baseline Study

Gathering data on girls' knowledge of, comfort with, and ability to control banking products
Case Study

Product Development for Girls: Girls' Saving and Financial Education

Transforming savings behaviour of low-income girls
Case Study

Cambodia: Empowering Women at Risk

Empowering women in Cambodia through self-banking