Webinar | Empowering Employees and Agents to Deliver Valuable Customer Experience

Empowering Employees and Agents to Deliver Valuable Customer Experience

Every time customers interact with your organization there are opportunities to influence their experience. Each employee and agent can play a role, be it through product design or implementation, systems development or maintenance, service delivery or leadership. Yet, managing employees and agents so that they work together to deliver a valuable customer experience is not easy.

This webinar will walk you through steps managers can take to equip their employees and agents to innovate and deepen customer relationships. With practical experiences from ZoonaJUMO in Africa and Pioneer in the Philippines we will illustrate how to facilitate empowerment, drawing on nine types of resources and a set of handy tools from the Employee and Agent Empowerment Toolkit and Ideabook.


Upcoming webinar hosted by Social Performance Taskforce:

Event Location:
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM EDT
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Speaker Bios

Antonique Koning

Antonique Koning (Moderator)


Antonique is co-author of the CGAP Employee and Agent Empowerment Toolkit and Ideabook and a senior financial sector specialist at CGAP. Antonique has more than 20 years of experience working on a range of topics related to microfinance and financial inclusion. She is currently leading CGAP’s work on customer protection and value and has expertise in customer centricity, empowerment and responsible finance.  

Cheryl Frankiewicz

Cheryl Frankiewicz


Cheryl is co-author of the CGAP Employee and Agent Empowerment Toolkit and Ideabook. Cheryl has been working in financial inclusion for more than twenty years, focusing on management, product diversification and capacity building. At present, she is the curator for 9Buckets, an electronic resource portfolio supporting facilitators of learning and change that will be launched in mid-2019. 

Caroline Gale

Caroline Gale

Pioneer Group (Philippines)

Caroline has spent the last four years at the Microinsurance Department of The Pioneer Group in the Philippines, learning and working with experts to institutionalize customer centricity in the financial inclusion space. She was one of the pioneer members of the customer and employee engagement team tasked to design and improve programs that deliver consistent and good customer experience. This immersive experience enabled her to test and implement programs such as The Defenders of Customer Centricity which is a gamified knowledge and behavior acquisition application incorporated into the employee onboarding program.  

Bhule Goslar

Buhle Goslar


Buhle is chief customer officer at JUMO. Buhle is passionate about social impact through customer-focused innovation and technology. Over the past 18 years, Buhle has held senior leadership roles in customer strategy and insights, commercial product management, marketing communications and sales. She has worked primarily in the financial services, technology, retail, tourism and hospitality sectors across Sub-Saharan African, Asian and European markets. Buhle holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town.  

Richard Steward

Richard Steward

Flash Mobile Vending

Richard is product portfolio manager at Flash Mobile Vending, the largest informal retail network in Southern Africa, where he manages various products that are designed to add value to the traders business and drive their growth. Before that, Richard worked for a fintech startup called Zoona. He was part of the Core Product Team responsible for Design Thinking where he embedded a creative problem-solving methodology across the various departments and country teams. He drew on this experience to became Head of Agent Products where he applied his customer-centric decision-making mindset to research, prototype, design and build products for Zoona’s agent network with the aim of improving their operations, liquidity and profitability.