Gateway Webinars

The Findev Gateway webinar series enables financial inclusion practitioners to share lessons and attend online presentations and discussions delivered by the world’s leading financial inclusion experts.

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash.

Join MIX and FinDev Gateway as we discuss the power of data to transform inclusive fintech.

19 February 2020
Young mother carries child on her back in rural Tanzania. Photo by Scott Wallace, World Bank.

This how-to webinar recording introduces low-cost practical approaches and tools, such as geolocation and data maps, that FSPs can use to address the proximity gap.

12 December 2019
Photo by Daniel Kunyu, 2018 CGAP Photo Contest.

This webinar discusses MIX's role in the microfinance industry and its data's new home on the World Bank’s Data Catalog, where it can be combined with other global finance and development data for richer insights.

04 November 2019
Woman working on her electronic device. Photo by Deogratius Surah, 2018 CGAP Photo Contest.

In this webinar, panelists will provide insights into how MFIs should think about technology, the kind of IT infrastructure they need to digitize, and ways to overcome issues related to legacy operating systems.

17 October 2019
People clapping in the air. Photo by Sarah Farhat,  World Bank.

In this webinar recording, our speakers share first-hand experiences on how they got their employees to buy into the idea of transformation and how they provided staff training to ensure they had the necessary skills.

03 October 2019
Woman paying her bill. Photo by Dominic Chavez, World Bank.

To digitize successfully, microfinance institutions need to have a clear vision about why the transformation is needed and what should be done to prepare for such sweeping changes.

17 September 2019