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MicroSave Toolkit: Corporate Brand and Identity

How can an MFI assess its market position and use branding to enhance its market standing?
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This toolkit provides a simple approach to assessing the MFI's current position in the market, analyzing where the MFI should position itself in the market and developing branding and corporate identity strategies to get there.

The tool says that a good corporate brand is important since it provides:

  • Instant recognition: so that consumers feel they know what they can expect and know what to ask for if they are seeking services;
  • Differentiation: so that the well-branded MFI can stand-out from the crowd in a competitive market Credibility: so that consumers can believe in the organization (which is particularly important for those offering savings services);
  • Warranty: of the quality and reliability of services offered by the MFI;
  • Facilitated Promotion: since promotion efforts can spend less time on who the MFI is, and more on its competitive advantages and products;
  • Word of Mouth Marketing: so that customers can easily recommend the MFI and its services, and those hearing the recommendation can remember the MFIs name;
  • Goodwill: so that the MFI is better equipped to come through problems, and better positioned to talk to stakeholders above and beyond its existing customers – from government officials to donors.

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