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Implementing a Computerized Management Information System

A step-by-step guide to implementing a management information system
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This paper discusses the implementation of a computerized management information system (MIS). It discuses:

  • The different reasons for a microfinance institution to implement a MIS;
  • The process of getting started, and the importance of support from the entire organization;
  • The need for primary investigation and analysis as to the current position of the organization.

The paper lists the following three options that an organization has in choosing a MIS:

  • A customized computer system;
  • An off the shelf computer system that allows for partial customization;
  • An off the shelf computer system that does not allow for any customization.

It states that the main concerns when deciding which system to implement are:

  • Functionality and usability;
  • Reporting needs;
  • Budget;
  • Customer support.

It also discusses:

  • The first steps to implementation;
  • The speed of implementation and data integrity;
  • Controls to check fraud, wherein it discusses computer access controls, transaction controls and process controls.

About this Publication

By Orloff, S.