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Institutional and Product Development Risk Management Toolkit

Providing guidelines on preventing unnecessary cost and product failures
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This toolkit presents a framework for anticipating and managing risk in MFIs with a particular emphasis on new product development. It is tailored to help senior managers who play the most active role in setting the parameters and guidelines for managing risk. The toolkit states that establishing a comprehensive risk management control structure in a financial institution is a necessary precondition to effectively managing risks related to new product development and rollout. The toolkit has five parts:

  • Parts I-III lay out a general framework for identifying, assessing, mitigating, and monitoring risk in the MFI or bank as a whole;
  • Part IV focuses on risks inherent to new product development and suggests tools to help manage the process;
  • Part V reflects on the challenges in institutionalizing risk management within financial institutions.

About this Publication

By Pikholz, L., Champagne, P., Wright, G. A. N. et al.