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Policy Advocacy: A Toolkit for Microfinance Associations

Helping microfinance associations in their policy advocacy efforts
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This toolkit aims to build the capacity of microfinance associations (MFAs) as advocates for the sector.

MFAs play an integral role in the growth and development of microfinance. They act as knowledge centers, promoters of common performance standards and experts on capacity building. Despite recent growth, microfinance has yet to reach its potential. Its problems are worsened by legal and regulatory environments. Thus, policy advocacy has become a priority for MFAs.

The toolkit is designed to support the planning and execution of MFA policy advocacy efforts. It helps MFAs understand how to:

  • Assess their capacity and readiness to engage in advocacy;
  • Develop a policy advocacy strategy;
  • Identify problems through consultation and research;
  • Analyze problems in a manner that contributes to their advocacy efforts;
  • Establish priorities among various issues and problems;
  • Assess the political landscape;
  • Identify and reach their target audience;
  • Effectively develop and deliver messages with respect to policy advocacy;
  • Structure their plans;
  • Monitor and evaluate advocacy efforts.

About this Publication

By D’Onofrio, S.