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Financial Education Toolkit- Unabridged

Improving the provision of financial services through effective financial education programs

This tool has been developed through a study on the current financial education (FE) programs, which offer people the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to plan and manage their money better. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a guide to designing and evaluating a successful FE program. The toolkit encompasses lessons learned from a global scan of over 60 FE programs from 30 countries across the world, as well as a recently completed design and implementation evaluation of the FE component of SaveAct. It contains eleven best practices in FE program design and implementation, an in-depth case study of the FE component of a savings led, savings and credit program in South Africa, a mini-toolkit for monitoring and evaluation, and links to useful resources. The tool gives a list of steps that should be followed when designing an FE program, which include:

  • Identify the need for an intervention and survey the target audience to ascertain their baseline knowledge and specific needs;
  • Clearly define the objectives and expected outcomes of the program;
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation strategy;
  • Select a suitable method and platform to deliver the FE, pilot the program, and make changes based on any feedback;
  • Train-the-trainers on their own financial well-being and the delivery of the FE content;
  • Implement, refine, and review the program.

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