Guide / Toolkit

Resource Book on Designing and Delivering Agriculture Financing Products

Providing guidelines to develop efficient agriculture financing products
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This toolkit acts as a guide for MFIs engaged in providing financial services to the poor, including community-based organizations engaged in aggregation of farm produce and other practitioners in the area of agricultural financing. It aims to help providers understand clients’ perspectives and the concepts of value chains to design efficient agriculture financing products. It also helps identify opportunities, develop product concepts, and conduct pilot testing in order to roll-out financial products with known benefits and impacts. The toolkit covers the following sections in detail: 
  • Development of product concept and product prototype: This section enquires into understanding value chains, identifying opportunities for financial and non-financial interventions, and developing these opportunities into concepts and prototypes;
  • Pilot testing of the product prototypes: This section provides readymade tools to organize and manage pilot testing and also answers some common questions related to pilot testing of a product;
  • Product roll out after successful pilot testing: This section covers the various aspects of product roll out, management response, and issues related to communication aiming to help providers understand the process of product roll out and the key steps involved in the process.

About this Publication

By Prasoon, P.K., Pareek, A., Natu, A.J. et al