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Microinsurance Front-End Technology Guide

Providing guidelines on introducing efficient technology in microinsurance
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This guide book summarizes a set of recommendations to be considered by microinsurance providers when introducing front-end technology into microinsurance. It claims that introduction of appropriate technology into microinsurance can drive down administrative and distributive costs and also streamline claims processing, thus increasing the client-base. It provides detailed guidelines on the following:

  • Clear project objectives;
  • Detailed implementation plan;
  • Fully operational back end system;
  • Distributions infrastructure;
  • Communications technology to be used;
  • Front-end applications selection;
  • Project budget;
  • Call for tenders;
  • Project management;
  • Operations and maintenance.

The guide book also provides a checklist that microinsurance providers can use to determine the technology they should use depending on their client-base.

About this Publication

By Berende, M. , Gerelle, E.