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Alternative Delivery Channels and Technology

Developing accessible channels to increase the outreach of financial service providers
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This handbook serves as a tool for financial service providers to increase the technical understanding of alternative delivery channel (ADC) platforms and provides technical guidance on how to approach ADC projects. ADCs are defined as those channels that expand the reach of services beyond the traditional bank branch channel. In recent times, these channels have emerged as a result of innovations in information and communication technology and a shift in consumer expectations. While the focus of the handbook is on technical aspects of ADC projects, it also introduces and discusses other market and business factors which are relevant for supporting ADCs. The handbook covers the following sections in detail:

  • Overview of ADCs and the technologies that underpin them;
  • Guidelines to develop a channel strategy, taking into account the internal and external factors that impact strategy decisions;
  • Different components of a technology platform, aiming to provide guidance on how the channel strategy can be mapped to a specific technology platform;
  • Importance of identifying requirements and outlines the steps involved in selecting the right provider and solution;
  • Best-practice implementation methodology and key considerations for successful implementations of ADCs;
  • Discussion on how a channel should be monitored, maintained, and scaled up after going live.

About this Publication

By Geraldine O’Keeffe, Charlene Bachman , Omoneka Musa Oyier