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A Practical Guide to Monitoring & Evaluation for Microfinance Associations

Introduction to M&E, theory of change, logframe and related indicators
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Many microfinance associations (MFAs) are asked by donors to report on a set of indicators or to complete some type of reporting form for the purpose of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Some associations may also report on a set of activity-based indicators related to their business plans or annual work plans. These are all positive steps towards improving accountability and tracking progress through M&E, but how do we know if we have the right indicators? How do we move beyond merely measuring activities completed to measuring verifiable results? How can we implement an M&E system that truly reflects the full extent of what an association has accomplished?

The purpose of this document is to provide associations with simple and practical information and tools that they can use to develop their own M&E systems that respond to their particular M&E needs. Developed out of SEEP’s Responsible Finance through Local Leadership (RFLL) program, this guide provides a basic introduction to M&E, introduces theory of change, addresses how to develop a logical framework (logframe) and related indicators, and introduces other useful M&E tools, illustrated with examples.

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