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Insights on Credit Risk and Agriculture Value Chain Finance: Promoting Rural Microfinance through Peer-to-Peer Learning

Tools to assist financial institutions in developing new, creative financing structures

This toolkit provides an introduction into the theory and practice of credit risk management and Agriculture Value Chain Finance, and concrete tools to begin applying them in the practice.

The publication provides an overview of some of the main topics tackled during the Rural Impulse Fund (RIF II) Learning Academy for the Commonwealth of Independent States, a learning event organized by Incofin Investment Management (Incofin IM) in Prague in November 2015. The Learning Academy was organized with the recognition that financial institutions in the CIS region could be enhanced through improved credit risk management practices and the development of tailored credit products to finance agriculture. As such, the RIF II Learning Academy aimed to provide practical tools and strategies for credit risk management and new approaches for funding the agricultural sector through Agriculture Value Chain Finance (AVCF).

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