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Series of SPTF Guidance Notes: Issues 1-6

Practical resources to help practitioners refine their Social Performance Management practices

These Guidance Notes offer brief and practical guidance on a specific tool or resource that can help Financial Service Providers (FSP) improve their Social Performance Management (SPM) practices.

SPI4 Social Audit Tool - Issue 1, April 2015
This note features the SPI4, the universal assessment tool that integrates industry standards for social performance. The note details recent updates to the SPI4, how practitioners can use the tool to assess practices and how it is compatible with other industry resources.

Implementation Guide - Issue 2, May 2015
This note focuses on how to use the Universal Standards Implementation Guide, which provides a “one-stop-shop” resource for implementing the Universal Standards.

Mentor Guide - Issue 3, July 2015
This note focuses on when and how FSPs can engage a mentor to help them improve SPM practices. The note also highlights the Mentorship Guide, a companion resource to the Universal Standards Implementation Guide.

Convincing the Skeptic - Issue 4, September 2015
For FSPs of every shape and size, SPM implementation means change. Changes to policies, procedures, and to organizational strategy. A smooth change management process means having everyone on board: from investors to the front-line staff – and even sometimes the national regulator. Where practitioners meet resistance to their SPM work, it’s useful to have a plan to convince skeptics of the value of SPM.

Guiding Your Board to Manage Social Performance - Issue 5, October 2015
This is a short guide for FSP managers on how to work with their boards to manage the FSP’s social performance. It will also be useful for others who work with provider boards, such as technical assistance providers, board chairs, funders, and others who want to understand the board’s role in SPM.

Learning from Exit Clients - Issue 6, February 2016
This Guidance Note discusses why practitioners should collect client exit data, how to do it, and what to do with the data once it’s collected.

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