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How to Succeed in Your Digital Journey: A Series of Toolkits for Financial Service Providers - Toolkit #6: Become a Digital Provider

Guidance for financial institutions interested in digitizing their operations

This is the final toolkit in the series of six toolkits aimed at supporting financial service providers (FSPs) to integrate digital channels into their service delivery approaches. With this series of digital finance toolkits, a financial institution will be able to choose the best business model based on an assessment of its environment (political, economic, social, technological, and regulatory), objectives, capacity and readiness to carry out the efforts required.

The first two business models of this framework, Toolkit #1: Use Mobile as a Tool and Toolkit #2: Be an Agent, consist in using mobile as a service where basic transactions are performed by staff of the FSP using mobile devices. Toolkit #3: Leverage an Existing Agent Network and Toolkit #4: Develop Own Agent Network describe agency banking, where agents assist clients with the transactions if needed. Toolkit #5: Create Your Own Mobile Banking Channel describes mobile banking, where clients transact directly on their financial institution account, performing the operations themselves using their mobile phones.

Toolkit #6 describes different paths for an FSP to become a provider of mobile banking services that clients can access from their mobile phones. In this model, the ultimate objective is to digitize all operations, from collection of client data and credit applications to disbursement and repayment of loans and collection of savings.