Credit with Education Learning Game

How to train to start a credit association?

The credit with education learning game was developed by Freedom from Hunger to teach new co-ordinators, field agents and other staff how a credit association is started, how it functions, and how to interact with credit association members. It is a four-hour simulation of key events in the promotion, organisation, training and implementation of a credit association. The game is guided by the trainer but implemented by field agent trainees with potential clients in a community likely to receive credit with education services.

It was first used in Ghana in 1990. Since then, it has also been used successfully in Honduras, Bolivia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Uganda, the Philippines and Thailand. Based on these experiences, the game has been revised. It provides instructions and describes specific techniques that have worked well:

  • Use the role-plays, stories and other tools, and make them memorable by adapting them appropriately to the context of local cultures;
  • Convert currency amounts from US dollars in to local currency;
  • Make adjustments to the game's loan terms, including the interest rates, savings and fees, to reflect the organization's policies.

About this Publication

By Vor der Bruegge, E., Stack, K.E. & Dunford, C.