Village Savings and Loan Associations (VS&LAs) Programme Guide - Field Operations Manual

A guide to the operations of village savings and loan associations

This manual provides guidelines for the operations of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VS&LAs). The manual contains:

  • A foreword that explains:
    • The need for VS&LAs
    • The working relationships between VS&LAs and MFIs;
    • Changes made to the manual in the second edition in order to improve its applicability in areas where literacy rates are low and incomes are small and irregular.
  • Acknowledgements made by the authors to various agencies that have contributed to the evolution of the manual.

The manual also contains:

  • Notes to the user;
  • Table of Acronyms and Terms.

The Guide is divided into the following three parts:

  • Part 1, the introduction, contains:
    • An explanation of how the methodology of VL&SAs works;
    • A note to the field officers.
  • Part 2, Field Operations Manual, explains:
    • The schedule of operations;
    • The preparatory phase that concentrates on awareness raising;
    • The intensive phase that develops, explains and implements various modules;
    • Supervision that includes two phases - development and maturity.

About this Publication

By Allen, H. & Staehle, M.