Performance Indicators for Microinsurance: A Handbook for Microinsurance Practitioners – 2nd Edition

Measuring performance in microinsurance
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This edition is an improved version of the handbook published in 2008. The key performance principles and indicators discussed in this handbook were established during Performance Indicators in Microinsurance workshops held in 2006 and 2007.

The second edition provides more examples, uses better data for illustrating each indicator, categorizes principles and indicators, elaborates on concepts such as asset-liability matching and has an expanded glossary. Although the focus of the handbook is on financial indicators, it discusses the social significance or interpretation of each indicator. The handbook is complemented by the microinsurance factsheet that comprises financial statements adapted for microinsurance practitioners.

The handbook describes nine key principles and ten indicators of performance measurement in microinsurance. It includes examples from five microinsurance programs in Africa and South East Asia. It also discusses:

  • Interpretation issues in microinsurance;
  • Principles of life insurance, health insurance, micropensions, index products and Takaful insurance;
  • Issues and challenges in benchmarking.

About this Publication

By Wipf, J. & Garand, D.