Information Systems: A Practical Guide to Implementing Microfinance Information Systems

Helping MFIs overcome challenges in implementing MIS

This technical guide on implementing management information systems (MIS) is designed for MFIs or smaller financial institutions. Its contents are best suited to institutions seeking to purchase a new, off-the-shelf software solution. Those looking to improve existing systems or maintain manual systems may still find certain sections useful, such as needs analysis that defines business needs and process streamlining. The guide provides a staged process, a decision-making model, and strategic guidance to drive an effective information technology project. It states that a well-organized process, inclusive of all relevant stakeholders in an institution, could improve the effectiveness with which smaller financial service providers deploy technology solutions and better position them for growth. The guide states that:

  • Smaller institutions, such as MFIs, find it difficult to establish and manage systems to process information;
  • Approaching the project as an operations or business transformation project, with a core project management team and close involvement across the institution, increases the likelihood of success;
  • Clear processes to solicit input from business units and allocate decision-making powers distribute accountability across the institution;
  • Having clear processes also help ensure smooth implementation and outcomes in line with expectations.

About this Publication

By Braniff. L. & Faz, X.