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National Implementation Plan: A Guide to Developing Youth Economic Citizenship Through National Government and Stakeholder Initiatives

Recommending strategies to improve youth economic citizenship
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This guide intends to serve to develop youth economic citizenship through national government and stakeholder initiatives. It defines economic citizenship as a person's abilities, rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to engage in economic activity. The tool has been designed for all actors involved in the creation of a National Implementation Plan (NIP), including national authorities, financial institutions, NGOs, and companies. It helps implementers consider the principle policy areas of concern, provides rational ideas for how they can be addressed, provides recommended planning and action steps, and offers case studies as potential solutions. The paper provides a broad overview of the recommended NIP creation process, outlining the different phases of this process. It also provides detailed implementation guidelines for every component of the NIP. The phases in the NIP creation process discussed include:

  • Selecting policy objectives;
  • Choose relevant components for each objective;
  • Plan for each component – a six step approach: stakeholders engagement and governance, baseline and gap analysis, implementation options, determining KPIs and progress tracking process, communication plan, and roadmap and budget;
  • Design overall program for implementation;
  • Child and Youth Finance International's (CYFIs) support level;
  • Execution and tracking.

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