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Offering Youth Financial and Non-Financial Services, Module V: Monitoring Outcomes of a Youth Programme - Lot Quality Assurance Sampling

Trainer's guide on low-cost management techniques for monitoring programs

This user-friendly trainer's guide was developed to equip financial service providers with the knowledge, skills and tools to apply low-cost management techniques to monitor their programs. This guide is intended for financial service providers (FSPs) seeking the following:

  1. A low-cost method to sample clients and other stakeholders;
  2. A management tool for identifying low-performance areas within the organization and for prioritizing solutions; and,
  3. A systematic and reliable method for collecting data to monitor and evaluate social performance indicators—such as poverty outreach, poverty status, health, and education levels.

In order to make best use of this guide, users should be comfortable with quantitative surveys for data collection and basic calculations using Microsoft Office Excel. This trainer’s guide is designed for:

  • FSPs that are currently offering financial and non-financial services to young clients and that would like to monitor and improve their programming; and
  • Technical assistance providers that are supporting FSPs in monitoring and evaluation activities.

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About this Publication

By Chanani, S., Glassford, S., Massie, J., Muñoz, L. , Perdomo, M.