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Gateway Guide to Financial Inclusion for Refugees

Highlighting noteworthy publications on financial services for refugee populations
A Village Woman to the Marketplace. Photo credit: Bashir Ahmed Sujan, CGAP Photo Contest 2015

20 June has been designated World Refugee Day. The problem of refugees has never been more pressing. The UN estimates there are more than 65 million displace people around the world escaping war, conflicts, and natural disasters that find themselves in foreign lands, economically and financially excluded, and in desperate need of opportunities.

Financial service providers need to know how they can help this particular portion of society by understanding the true risks, and potential advantages, in refugee communities. Beyond the myths and perceived dangers of providing financial services to refugees, organizations are looking at how to best serve this community in ways that are both financially responsible and socially beneficial.

As we mark World Refugee Day, let’s look at some of the noteworthy publications in the Library that explore the intersection of financial inclusion and refugees.  


Responses to the Refugee Crisis: Financial Education and the Long-term Integration of Refugees and Migrants

Policies to help refugees adapt to the economic and financial systems of host countries

Sector Proposals Following EIB’s Announced Support for Refugees

Summary of the microfinance situation in four European countries and five proposed lines of action

Microfinance and Refugees: Lessons Learned from UNHCR's Experience

Extending financial access to displaced populations


Serving Refugee Populations in Lebanon - Lessons Learned from a New Frontier: A Case Study of Al Majmoua in Lebanon

Analyzing the Lebanese MFI's success in working with migrants and transitory refugees

Microfinance in Yemen: Hopes vs. Reality

A first insight into the impact of war on the country's microfinance industry


Microfinance and Refugees

The Social Performance Task Force has a section devoted to Microfinance and Refugees, where you can learn more about the issue.

Forced Migration and Development

KNOMAD's Forced Migration and Development working group shows the links between forced migration and development and related policy issues.

Pathways to Self-Reliance for Urban Refugees in Egypt

CGAP blog post on helping Syrian refugees build sustainable livelihoods

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