COVID-19 Response: Guidelines for Financial Service Providers in Mozambique

Tools for the financial sector of Mozambique to respond to COVID-19 Crisis

These guidelines were developed for financial service providers of Mozambique in response to COVID-19 crisis, adapted to the country market specifics. They address policy and regulation adaptation, risk management framework, existing and new partnerships, business models refinement, organization structure, IT Infrastructure and equipment, digitization across all business functions, products and services portfolio, and more.

These Guidelines are intended to provide guidance on how to overcome the current crisis, generally make financial services business more resilient and to sustain/grow in the new reality. Accordingly, the Guidelines are divided into the following three sections:

  1. Diagnostic: How exactly is the crisis hitting us? What are the impacts on us?
  2. Business Continuity: How can we ensure that we survive this crisis? What are the key measures to take ensuring our survival?
  3. Recover in New Normal: What have we learned? How do we position ourselves after the crisis/in the new reality? What are the key opportunities?

The Guidelines are complemented by a e Toolkit which comprises tools aimed at supporting financial services providers in implementing the Guidelines.