Consultancy for Curriculum Development for Training to Participating SACCOs

The consultant will undertake the following key activities:

  • Review of Existing Courses and Curricula - Review curriculum of existing courses and identify ways through which they can be improved and develop content, delivery methodology and evaluation:
    •  Understanding of the project objectives by the key stakeholders in adapting SME Financing in their respective SACCOs.
    • Overview and application of lending principles.
    • Best practices in appraisal process in SME financing iv. Bookkeeping and financial analysis for SME financing v. SME Financing toolkit for Credit Supervisors.
    • Application of the 5 C’s Lending model.
    • SME Financing – Delinquency management training for Credit Supervisors.
    • Understanding the Digital Landscape and its impact on SACCO Lending.
    • Define and propose the delivery methodology of the curricular using a mix of physical and digital (virtual)training.
  • Instructional Design and Staff Capacity Building - Develop Capacity of its Staff to:
    • Design and deliver a tailor-made training of trainer’s course to the project team on instructional design and/or curriculum Development ii. Design and deliver tailor made techniques.
    • Roll out training to the participating SACCOs.

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Nairobi, Kenya
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