Consultant: Development of a Financial Inclusion Indicators Framework in Nepal

The overall objective of the deliverable is to possess a financial inclusion index and template which will provide the central bank with an accurate identification of key indicators and definition of a robust financial inclusion index to keep track of the progress in terms of different dimensions of access, usage, and quality of financial inclusion.

The final deliverable is expected to reflect and align to the following:

  • Objectives and targets as set out in the Nepal Rastra Bank financial inclusion action plan.
  • Identify the indicators and proxy indicators from assessment of data collected from the supply-side by NRB that better reflect the key dimensions of access, uptake, usage, and quality, including aspects related to consumer protection and financial literacy from data and indicators regularly collected from financial service providers or other sources where a data sharing agreement exists.
  • Assess Nepal data availability, identify data gap, recommend data collection templates, develop methodology of Financial Inclusion Index (FII) for Nepal and submit report including detail methodology.
  • Design the concept of a dashboard to disseminate these indicators and the index in a regular basis to share an updated status of financial inclusion for public consultation and internal analysis, leveraging in the existing dashboard. In this regard, have to hand over modality of FII and Dashboard and suggest sustaining mechanism of FII/Dashboard after AFI project.

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